Housing Block Party!

The Housing Vision Team Day County Housing Development present...

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2017 Housing Block Party for Day County

A fun twist on a housing information fair! Folks from Day County and beyond are encouraged to join us!

Friday, March 24, 2017

11:00 AM to 7:30 PM
Armory - 101 W. 11th Ave., Webster, SD

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This FREE event is geared toward a variety of people, such as: people looking to buy, build, remodel or do maintenance; those looking for a rental; or those who would like to own a rental. There will be something for everyone!


► 30 area businesses and experts in the housing industry including contractors, realtors, landscaping, lumber stores, home decor, utilities, insurance, property managers, lenders, developers and more!

11:30 | Careers in the Construction Industry (45 min)
12:30 | Financial Resources for Homeowners & Homebuyers (30 min)
1:30 | How to Avoid a Visit from Code Enforcement (30 min)
► 4:30  | Storm Damaged Trees  - Now What? (30 min)
► 6:00 |  Innovative Ideas for Rental Property Owners & Developers (45 min)

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► Grill Out!
► Indoor Park
► Kids Activities
► Music
► Door Prizes
► Chats with Your Neighbors

To get involved or to learn more, contact:
Morgan Dorsett
Ellen Ellis, 345-3306
Linda Hoberg, 345-3241
Peggy Ninke, 345-3342
Derek Sinner
Jim Tompkins
Melissa Waldner, 345-3159