Yard of the Week: Holiday Edition

In 2013, Day County Housing started a new contest -- outdoor lighting during the holidays -- in Webster.


Winning yards will be announced on our Facebook page on a weekly basis. Winners will receive Chamber bucks in the mail shortly thereafter.


Webster residents within the city limits, and judging will be based on use of lights.


We welcome recommendations from the community! Please send to our email or message via Facebook by 4:00 PM on Friday. If received after the deadline, it will be considered for the following week.


Contact any board member-- Morgan Dorsett, Derek Sinner, Ellen Ellis, Peggy Ninke, and Melissa Waldner.

2016 Winners (Holiday Edition)
Week 1: Doug & Kari Valsvig
Week 2: Credan Ewalt
Week 3: Mike & Jeanie Rice
Week 4: Eldridge & Linda Anderson
Week 5: Larry Berg

2015 Winners (Holiday Edition)
Week 1:Chuck & Shari Majeske
Week 2: Brad & Donita Johnson
Week 3: Craig Baumgarn & Ashley Ewalt
Week 4: Pete & Lorraine Waletich

2014 Winners (Holiday Edition)
Week 1:JR Anderson
Week 2: Bob & Eunice Knight
Week 3: Tim & Heather Gaikowski
Week 4:Roger & Janice Monson

2013 Winners (Holiday Edition)
Week 1: Danny Johnson and Joanne Johnson
Week 2: Mike and Megan Ninke
Week 3: Brian and Lois Lux
Week 4: Matt and Renee Amdahl
Week 5: Jim and Betty Gollnick