Yard of the Week: Summer Edition


In 2012, we brought the Yard of the Week program back to life in Webster, with the help of local residents, Day County Arts Council, Reporter & Farmer, Fiksdal Furniture & Gifts, and Webster Lumber & Home Center.


Winning yards will be announced in the Reporter & Farmer newspaper, and also posted on our Facebook page on a weekly basis. Winners will receive Chamber bucks in the mail shortly thereafter, and will be invited to a special Garden Party for a chance to win the grand prize and people's choice award.


Webster residents within the city limits. Judging is done by Day County Arts Council from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 


We welcome recommendations from the community! Please send details to our email or message via Facebook.


Contact any board member-- Morgan Dorsett, Derek Sinner, Ellen Ellis, Peggy Ninke, and Melissa Waldner.

2016 Winners 
Week 1: Ashley Ewalt & Craig Baumgarn
Week 2: Terry & Jerry Meek
Week 3: JR Anderson
Week 4: David & Margaret Trefz
Week 5: Adrian & Mary Lou Metz
Week 6: Mamie & Ryan Braun
Week 7: Karlette Juhnke
Week 8: Rick & Sheryl Grout
Week 9: Jim & Betty Paszek
Week 10: Larry & Kristie Baumgarn
Week 11: Roger & Bonnie Warrington
Week 12: Pete & Lorraine Waletich
Week 13: Mike & Mary Waumbach
Week 14: Bill & Mary Jo Christensen

Grand Prize: Pete & Lorraine Waletich
People's Choice Award: Pete & Lorraine Waletich
Photos: 2016

2015 Winners 
Week 1: Harlan Lagge
Week 2: Rodney & Muranda Schlechter
Week 3: Dawn Losco
Week 4: Jay & Selma Evenson
Week 5: Louise Baumgarn
Week 6: Roger & Mary Schmig
Week 7: Evelyn Christensen
Week 8: Roger & Janice Monson
Week 9: Lee & Pat Brudvig
Week 10: Karla Benson
Week 11: Donnie Kwasniewski
Week 12: Mary Ryan
Week 13: Judy Gaikowski
Week 14: Judy & Wes Williams

Grand Prize: Dawn Losco
People's Choice Award: Lee & Pat Brudvig
Photos: 2015

 2014 Winners

Week 1: Wallace and Jenean Aadland
Week 2: David and Denise Jeske
Week 3: Doug and Janet Lynch
Week 4: LaVinia Wattier
Week 5: Jeff and Betty Schmidt
Week 6: John and Gloria Ewalt
Week 7: Mike Hommel
Week 8: Leo and Myrene Gaikowski
Week 9: Quentin and Vicky Bury
Week 10: Jewel Osterhoff 
Week 11: Christa Coyne 
Week 12: Matt and Renee Amdahl
Week 13: Wendell and Betty Hesla

Grand Prize: Wendell & Betty Hesla
People's Choice Award: Doug & Janet Lynch
Photos: 2014

2013 Winners

Week 1: Glen and Anna Mae Carlis
Week 2: Eugene and Donna Sattler
Week 3: Jim and Betty Gollnick
Week 4: Junior Pereboom
Week 5: Brian and Lois Lux
Week 6: Harriet Spaniol
Week 7: Tim and Sandy Simon
Week 8: Barry and Mary Bullert
Week 9: Don and Becky Mahlen
Week 10: Sheldon and Sharon Majeske
Week 11: Dave and Sandy Wagner
Week 12: Ron and Marlene Meester
Week 13: Bill and Connie Sawkinsky  
Week 14: Glen and Jeanette Loterbauer

Grand Prize: Dave & Sandy Wagner
People's Choice Award: Lois & Brian Lux
Photos: 2013 / Garden Party

2012 Winners

Week 1: Gary and Ramona Youell
Week 2: Dennis and Karen Stugelmeyer
Week 3: Dave and Gwen Jesme
Week 4: Dawn Nash
Week 5: David and Jeannine Johnson
Week 6: Jim and Mary Ann Gusenius
Week 7: Randy and Mary Scherr
Week 8: Jim and Barb Tompkins
Week 9: Jewel Osterhoff
Week 10: Quentin and Vicki Bury
Week 11: Bob and Shirley Spiering
Week 12: Randy and Stacy Mount
Week 13: Byron and Nancy Bain
Week 14: David and Margaret Trefz

Grand Prize: Jim & Barb Tompkins
People's Choice Award: Randy & Stacy Mount
Photos: 2012